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As Mums we have chosen to support both our local Sumner kindy as well as Plunket Nationwide in its work in supporting Mum's mental health. Did you know that 25% of new Mums experience Post Natal Depression? - it can happen to anyone at anytime. We want Mums to know that there is support there for you and you are not alone. In our wee group of Mummy's several of us have been affected and have since come through the other side. It can be pretty overwhelming and isolating when you are in the fog but a good support network and Plunket can help.

Here are just some of the many reasons we love Plunket and the work they do:

  • Across the country, Mums mental health is a key part of Plunket’s work. Plunket nurses screen Mums for mental health issues at the six week check – and then at the 3 month check. Mums who have been identified as requiring more Mental health support are give more visits, referrals to mental health specialists, and education or guidance.
  • In Canterbury, we’re lucky enough to have a specialised Postnatal Adjustment Programme, which 600+ mums are referred to each a year.
  • Plunket also has a 24 hour free support line. This is for you to call if you not only have any issues with your baby but also if you need someone to chat to. Sometimes you want to chat to someone impartial who gets what its like. Call 0800 933 922

For more information please visit www.plunket.org.nz