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Please have a look at the below questions before contacting us. Hopefully one of the below helps:

Can you send/post to me?

Sorry at this stage we are unable to send the mugs (that would be bitting off a bit more than we could chew...) and are requesting all orders be collected from Urban Style in Sumner, Christchurch on the 2nd November between 10am - 2pm.

What if I can't make the collection date?
Please arrange for a friend to collect for you as we each have limited garage space (way too much darn kids stuff...) to hold your mugs - sorry we are unable to assist further here.

Can I pay cash at collection to buy more?
Sorry we are making every mug to order so at this stage wont have additional mugs for you purchase on the day.

I live out of Christchurch how can I collect this?
Sorry at this stage we are unable to send the mugs (that would be bitting off a bit more than we could chew...) you will need to find a contact from someone in Chch to collect for you - we are all lovely people here xx

What if it breaks?
As these are made from ceramic pottery we are unable to provide any warranties and recommend you don't drop, throw out the window or use it as a missile in any way shape or form. They are dishwasher safe but we are a small group of mums so wont be taking returns here.

What if I change my mind?
If you change your mind you will have a lovely hand crafted mug you can gift to a friend. As each mug is made to order we dont accept change of minds as Tatyanna handcrafts yours for you.

Are these only for Mums?
We have designed these mugs for everyone to enjoy. They are classic, elegant and a nice solid size so guys will love them too! Did someone say the perfect Xmas gift?!... 

Can I buy multiple mugs?
Yes please! - the more you buy the more we are able to support both our local kindy and Mums Mental Health. 

Are you mugs dishwasher safe?
Hell yes! - we are busy mums and wouldn't have it any other way :-))

Are they sustainable?
Yes they are locally made using a very small scattering of local beach sand.  

Are their more colours coming?
At this stage we are exploring new colour ranges using different sand/clay blends but wanted to introduce the SAND design first. This is the perfect basic to start your Mummy Mug collection.

Are these Mugs really handmade?
Each mug is truly a labour of love (excuse the pun...). We (the mummy's) collect sand from our beach and give it to Tatyanna to blend into her clay. She then uses a potters wheel (think Demi Moore in Ghost but alas no Patrick Swayze...) to handcraft and sculpt each mug. Then then dry, then handles are added. Then they are fired in a kiln with a creamy and delicious glaze. Then we add our signature Mummy Mug stamp on the base of each one. Then we pop some bubbly exhausted that a batch is complete but excited to share our creation.


Are you open to interviews?
Yes please feel free to contact Kat on kat@katgee.com or 021 400 819 if you are keen to chat about our initiative. She's our media/marketing Mumma and is the best contact here.